What is Lanier’s After-School Program?

Lanier’s After-School program consists of a diverse set of club offerings, including recreation, social, life skills and academic enrichment activities.  Unlike Elementary SACC programs, students choose specific clubs of interest and attend on those meeting dates.  This Fall, we will be offering a virtual program.  Students will be able to join live (synchronous) club meetings during after-school hours.

When are activities offered?

Virtual Clubs and activities are offered 5 days a week from 2:30 – 4:30PM. There are no After-School activities on Holidays or Early School Closings.  Please refer to the club’s Google Classroom for the most up-to-date information on club meetings.

When do clubs and activities begin?

Virtual After-School Activities will begin in late September.  Please refer to the club’s Google Classroom for the most up-to-date information on club meetings.

How do I sign-up for clubs?

  1. Students need to visit the “Lanier Student Central” site and click on “After-School Program” (accessible on student laptop)
  2. Click and complete the “After-School Registration” (to be completed once per school year)
  3. On the “After-School Program” page, scroll down to see the “Club Descriptions” spreadsheet to:
    • Enroll in a club (Club Enrollment link on spreadsheet)
    • Join the club Google Classroom (Classroom link on spreadsheet)
  4. Check the club classroom for updates and meeting information!

When can I sign-up for clubs?

Club information (schedules and descriptions) will be added to the After-School Program Student Site (accessible through Lanier Student Central) on an ongoing basis beginning in mid September.  See above for how to sign-up for clubs.

How many clubs can I sign-up for?

Students can attend as many after-school programs as they like as long as they don’t meet at the same time on the same day.  Some clubs meet for a set number of weeks and require student commitment.  Other clubs have a set number of spaces or require a student tryout to participate.

Can I start an After-School Club?

Students can work with Mr. Dejo, the After-School Program Specialist, to begin a club!  Students who are interested in starting a club should complete the Lanier ASP Club Proposal Form available on Lanier Student Central under the After-School Program topic.  Once this electronic form is completed and is received by Mr. Dejo, it will be reviewed and possible next steps will be discussed.

How much does it cost to participate in After-School Activities?

After-School activities are funded through a grant from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.  The program is free although there may be nominal fees (<$20 )associated with certain clubs that compete or have material costs.  These fees are associated with less than 10% of the activities we offer.

How will I get information about the after-school program?

Students will use the Lanier Student Central site for general after-school information.  Important announcements about after-school will also be posted in the grade level Google Classrooms.  Club information will be shared with club members through the club’s Google Classroom.

Parents will receive information about after-school activities through this website.  News You Choose updates regarding after-school will also be sent out to Lanier parents.

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