Baking cooking FCCLA Wednesday

Food Innovation – Cakes and Pies


Food Innovation will meet on Wednesdays in Rm. 143 from 2:25-4:25.

Our first 4-week session will begin on 9/18 and will have a Cake and Pie theme!

There is a $5.00 supply fee for the first 4-week session and there will be 20 students slots

To reserve your spot in Food Innovation – Session 1 – click on the SignUpGenius link below.

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Art Music Photography Poetry Rap Spoken Word Wednesday

Eagle Gem Club

open mic

In the Eagle Gem Club, students will have the opportunity to share their music, art, poetry, photography, etc…. This club meets once a week on Wednesdays and provides students a safe place get their energy and emotions out in a healthy and creative way.

You can reserve your spot in the Eagle Gem Club by clicking on the SignUpGenius link below.

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Baseball Intramurals Recreation Softball Sports Wednesday Wiffle Ball

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle Ball

Wiffle Ball will take place on Mondays in the Lanier Gym from 2:30-4:30.  The rules will be similar to baseball/softball with some modifications to make the game more fun.

Wiffle Ball will have it’s first meeting on Monday, 9/16 in the Lanier Gym.

Wiffle Ball will be limited to 20 students for the Fall season.

Use the SignUpGenius link below to enroll in Lanier Wiffle Ball.

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Jump Rope Recreation Sports Wednesday

Lanier Jump Rope Club

jump rope

The Lanier Jump Rope Club will meet on Wednesdays in the gym from 2:30-4:00pm.  Our first meeting will take place on Wednesday, 9/18.

This club is limited to 20 students.

Click on the SignUpGenius link below to register for the Lanier Jump Rope Club.

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Drama Drama Club Wednesday

Drama Club

Drama Club meets on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:25 in the Black Box (Rm. 120).  Our first meeting will take place on 9/18 in the Auditorium.

Check out our website HERE


Fencing Sports Wednesday

Fairfax Fencers


Fairfax Fencers will meet every Wednesday (9/18-11/6) in the Aux. Gym from 2:30-4:00pm.  Fairfax Fencers is limited to 12 participants and has a cost of $60 for the 8-week session.

Fencing is a fun, fast paced, action packed, sport; challenging and developing both physical and cognitive skills.  Fairfax Fencers – a top ranked fencing club with highly qualified, fully vetted and deeply passionate instructors – has put together a concise, progressive training program to provide students with a solid introduction to foil fencing and a sense of the various pathways available in fencing beyond the introductory level.

This specially designed program will begin with an overview of the sport of fencing, proper use of fencing gear and then briskly move on to warm-up drills, conditioning, fencing techniques and open fencing.  Class time for this program will be 90 minutes a week for a period of 8 weeks culminating with a mini-tournament giving students a taste of the next level of fencing and a great chance to have fun utilizing their newly acquired skills and techniques.

Use the SignUpGenius link below to enroll in the Fairfax Fencers Program.

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Monday Recreation Sports Wednesday

GMU REACH Sports! Program

Reach Action

This club is limited to 30 students and meets on BOTH Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:30 – 4:30 in the Lanier Gym.

Lanier, in collaboration with George Mason University, is offering the REACH Sports! Program.  During this 2 day a week program, the culture of sports is used as a tool to empower students to strengthen self-awareness, gain confidence, challenge social norms and stereotypes, cultivate team and leadership skills, and increase their activity levels outside of school.

To read more about the GMU REACH Sports! Program click HERE.

Use the SignUpGenius link below to enroll in the GMU REACH Sports! Program.

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Eco Club Monday Service Learning STEM Wednesday

Eco Club


Eco Club meets on Mondays and/or Wednesdays in Rm. 116 from 2:25-4:25

Eco Club will provide students with a variety of experiences:

  • Opportunity to explore and devise solutions for real community needs.
  • Students will learn about the ways in which we as individuals, families, and communities, consume and dispose.
  • Students will develop an awareness of their place in the problem as well as their ability to have a positive impact on the environment.
  • Participate in award winning regional and national contests.
  • Great opportunity for hands-on learning experience.
  • Plant and maintain vegetable garden, build a rain garden, dry bed stream, etc.

Students who participate will also have an opportunity to earn service learning credits.

No sign-up required – Just drop in!


Friday Games Room Monday Thursday Tuesday Wednesday

Games Room – Monday – Friday – 3:30-4:25pm

Games Room takes place in the cafeteria every after-school day from 3:30-4:25pm.  Students can come and play Super Smash Bros, FIFA20, mobile games on their personal devices and more under the supervision of Lanier After-School Staff.

No sign-up required – Just drop in!

*Students who attend Social HW Club must attend another after-school activity from 2:25-3:25pm.

*There is no late bus transportation on Tuesdays and Fridays -Parent Pickup by 5pm required.

Friday Homework Club Monday Social HW Club Thursday Tuesday Wednesday

Social HW Club – Monday/Wednesday/Thursday – 2:25-3:25pm

Social HW Club meets on Late Bus Days (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) in the cafeteria from 2:25-3:25pm.  Students can complete assignments in small groups with supervision from Lanier After-School Staff.

No sign-up required – Just drop in!

*There is no late bus transportation on Tuesdays and Fridays -Parent Pickup by 5pm required.