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Iron Eagle Strength Club

Thursdays, 3:30-4:25 – Weight Room – First Meeting 9/19

The Lanier Middle School Iron Eagles After School Club will instruct both 7th and 8th grade students in the weight room to exercise using all equipment safely; perform all exercises with proper form and correct biomechanics; perform all exercises with the correct eccentric, isometric, and concentric contraction repetition speed; how to choose the correct exercises in order to strengthen the desired muscle synergies; and ultimately reach each students’ strength and conditioning goals.

The students will complete a self-assessment of health-related fitness and develop a comprehensive personal fitness plan, including SMARTR (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely, and rigorous) Goals, action plan that incorporates the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, time, type), timeline, documentation of activities inside and outside of school, roadblocks/barriers and solutions, midyear and end-of-year assessments, and reflection on progress for improving their self-selected SMARTR Goal as a component of health-related fitness.

The students will record their workouts in a Lanier MS Iron Eagle After School Club journal to track their progress and work with the Health and Physical Education Teacher to modify their workouts as needed in order to reach their SMARTR Goals. The students will utilize a plethora of different strength and conditioning concepts and strategies, including the FITT principle (frequency, intensity, time, and type); proper spotting of training partners; proper sets and repetitions; proper eccentric, isometric, and concentric contraction repetition speed; proper breathing; proper exercise form and correct biomechanics; HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); Hypertrophy Training; Plyometric Training; Core Stabilization and Neuromuscular Efficiency Training; Progressive Overload Training; and Progressive Cardiorespiratory Endurance Training.

Students in who attend Iron Eagle Strength Club must attend another Lanier After-School activity from 2:25-3:25pm on Thursday.

Iron Eagle Strength Club is limited to 30 students for the Fall session.

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