Lanier Early Start 2014 Orientation Dates:)

Lanier will be offering the Early Start Camp this August for any rising 7th Grade Lanier students!  The 1 week camp is offered twice in August and will help rising 7th grade students make the transition from Elementary to Middle School.

Early Start Session 1 – August 4th – 8th – 7:30AM – 11:30AM

Early Start Session 2 – August 11th – 15th – 7:30AM – 11:30AM

Registration forms will be available online and mailed home to rising 7th grade students in the coming weeks.









Questions??  email Julio Dejo



Intramural Flag Football Begins this week – April 21- 25!!

The Spring Intramural Flag Football season begins this coming week.  The inaugural season of Girls Only Flag Football begins on Monday and our general Intramural league begins on Wednesday and Thursday:)

Download the schedules using the links below:

Girls Intramural Flag Football Schedule 2014 - meets on Mondays

Girls Intr FF14










Wednesday Intramural Flag Football Schedule 2014

Wed Intra FF14










Thursday Intramural Flag Football Schedule 2014

Thurs Intra FF14


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Lanier Flag Football begins after Spring Break! Sign-up your team now!!!

The Intramural Flag Football season will on Wednesday/Thursday, April 23rd/24th.  Students who are interested in forming a team can download the Lanier Flag Football Team Sign-up form (below) or pick one up at lunch.  Only 8 teams will be registered in each division (Wednesday and Thursday) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Questions??  See Mr. Dejo during lunch.


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“Lights On” Lanier vs. Liberty Basketball

Last Friday night, Lanier and Liberty squared off in a basketball event featuring Lanier and Liberty staff and students.  Liberty was able to win both the staff and boys game in two close contests.  Emma and Nina dominated in the Girls All-Star Skills Challenge setting the fastest time of the competition in the final round against Liberty.  Up next……

Lanier vs Liberty 163Lanier vs Liberty 151Lanier vs Liberty 189

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The Lanier Newspaper needs your input!

Click on the link below to take the Lanier “Health Survey”.  Your responses will be used in the next edition of the eagle Eye Newspaper!

It’s time for Intramural Basketball!

Lanier Basketball

Lanier’s Intramural 5 on 5 Basketball Season kicks off in January!

Here is some important information to remember:

  • We will have Open Gym Basketball on January 8/9 and 15/16
  • Team sign-up forms are available online (click on the link below) and during lunches.
  • You can have a maximum of 7 players on your team
  • The leagues will begin on January 22/23 (depending on what day your team is signed up for – Wed. or Thurs.)
  • The regular season will last 6 weeks followed by playoffs on March 12th and 13th
  • The Intramural Champions will play against the Lanier Staff Team – Date TBD
  • An Intramural All-Star Team will play against Stone Middle School on February 7th at Lanier and February 14th at Stone

5 on 5 Bball


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Get Fit at Lanier Boot Camp!

Come get fit after-school at Lanier Boot Camp!  Lanier students can improve their strength, flexibility and athleticism with Mr. Wilkinson every Monday and/or Thursday through February 13th:)

Take advantage of this free opportunity now!  New students are welcome to attend.

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Lanier Joga3 Futsal Tournament – Sign-up your Team!

joga3Lanier Soccer Academy is pleased to announce a new 3-week Joga3 (3 on 3) Futsal Tournament on January, 21st, 28th and February 4th from 3:00 – 5:00PM.

The rules are simple – a team of three players that scores the most goals in a three minute game wins, receiving 100 points for the victory, no points are awarded for a draw and a loss. There is no goal keeper and as in Futsal there is no “Offside” rule, the game is played on a basketball court with small goals.  After each game the winner stays on the court and the next team in the list plays. The team that has just lost goes to the bottom of the list and waits for their next game. There is no limit on the number of games a team can play, so the more games a team plays and wins, the more points it racks up.

This 3 week tournament will happen in 2 phases – Open play for all teams will take place on January 21st and 28th and the Knockout Phase will take place on February 4th.  Click on the link below to get the sign-up form!

Joga3 Team Signup Form

Lanier All-Stars vs. Stone Middle School

The Lanier Futsal All-Stars will play against Stone Middle School on Friday, December 6th @ Stone and Friday, December 13th at Lanier.  The games will begin at 7PM with tickets available at the door for $5.00.  Money from the games will go to support After-School Programs at both Lanier and Stone Middle School.  Last year, Lanier swept Stone, winning the boys’ and girls’ games.  We will be looking to continue Lanier’s winning tradition against Stone in December:)

Congratulations to the following players who will represent Lanier against Stone:

Girls Team

Montana Berry

Elizabeth Breslin

Krista Brzezynski

Kiana Hardman

Eliza Radoll

Taylor Tyson

Kyndall Villareal

Boys Team

Nicolo Gliozzi

Ridge Pearson

Kiran Sarvepalli

John Paul Seibold

Ethan Stewart

Byron Violante

Steven Zeballos



Intramural Futsal Playoffs

The Intramural Futsal Regular Season ended this week with some teams posting big results!

Wednesday League

“#TurnupCrew” were able to beat the “YOLO Swaggers” to send both teams into penalties to decide who would get Wednesday’s #1 seed for the playoffs.  #TurnupCrew pulled out the victory in penalties, thanks to some strong goalkeeping by Ridge Pearson and a blinding shot by Matthew Pattarozzi.  “Panna Ole’” beat  “The Ballers” to secure Wednesday’s #3 seed and the “A-Team” stole Wednesday’s #4 seed by beating “The Screw-Ups” in their last game of the season and overcoming “The Ballers” in penalties.

Thursday League

“Titans” grabbed Thursday’s #4 seed in the playoffs by beating “#YOLO” and defeating “The Power Rangers” in penalties on Thursday.  The Galacticos continued their winning ways by beating “The Power Rangers” 12-0.  The Galacticos enter the playoffs as the only unbeaten team left in Intramural Futsal.  Thursdays #2 seed, “Team 1″, pulled off a 3-2 victory over #3 seed, “The Oooh Kill ‘ems”, this week.  Rusbak Akbar made an important save on Eliza Radoll’s upper 90 scorcher late in the game.

Final Results and Playoff Schedule (click below)

Intramural Futsal Wed FinalIntramural Futsal Thurs FinalIntramural Futsal Playoff

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